Become A Foster

Interested in becoming a foster?

Opening your house to an animal in need is one of the most extraordinary things you can do. This allows our dogs stay with find a family, and forget their unfortunate pasts. With your love, and care they can be transferred to the new “forever homes”.

We pay all costs and provide the supplies. You provide the most important things: a house, love and attention!

All dogs are initially received at our Rescue Center where they learn to interact with other dogs, and when ready transferred to one of our fosters. Our fosters are very important to properly socialize the animals before they go to their forever home. They learn to become a valuable family member. Do you want to help us with this important task?


If you are interested in becoming a foster, fill in the registration form below. We will contact you as soon as possible and discuss the following steps. Do you have further questions? Please contact us!



What is fostering?

A foster provides a temporary home for a dog and provides all necessary care. A foster also makes sure a dog is socialized.

What does ‘neccesary care’ mean?

You make sure the dog gets food and water on time. Furthermore you make sure the dog gets medical care. This means that a foster takes the dog to the vet. Also a foster makes sure the dog gets the needed vaccinations, nexgard and de-wormer. Ofcourse RPC covers the medical costs.

Why is socialization so important and what is it exactly?

It is important that a dog is socialized as well as possible.
In this way, the transition from the old life of the dog to the new life of the dog is as smooth as possible. The dogs are actually “trained” for life within a family.

For example, dogs come from the street or are not used to living indoors. It is up to the foster to get the dog used to life indoors, to traffic, to new people, to busy places such as a terrace, etc. The more practiced with this, the smoother the transition will go.

In concrete terms, fostering on Curaçao means:
– practicing walking on a leash
– learn that they have to do their needs outside
– let a dog come into contact with several strange people
– at a later stage let a dog get used to busier situations (for example taking them to Punda, Sambil on Thursday or other busier places), so that a dog can get used to other people, crowds and traffic

What medical costs come with fostering?

The medical costs are covered by RPC. We work together with a number of veterinarians on the island. When you start fostering you will receive a detailed explanation of how this works.

Do I have to purchase supplies myself when I foster?

It is possible to use items from RPC when fostering. These can be different things such as a wire cage, leash and harness, but also other things that are needed to make fostering possible. We will discuss exactly what you need before fostering starts.

What else can be a part of fostering?

For example, if a (possible) adopter uses an elevator or has a cat or small children, you may be asked to see how a dog reacts to the aforementioned. For example, a “cat test” is then performed with a ‘loan cat’. The relevant foster supervisor will guide you in this.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

When you start fostering, you will be assigned a supervisor. You can contact this person if you have any questions.

Can I also foster in another country such as the Netherlands or Canada?

Ofcourse! If you are interested in fostering, please fill in the ‘become a foster’ form and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.