Become A Remote Owner

Do you want to help but you cannot adopt? Then become a remote owner!

Our big wish is to find a “forever home” for all dogs. Unfortunately, not all our canines are able to find a home.

Sometimes the dogs are very old and therefore difficult to place. They may also need special care, medication and some may require special food.
That is why we help some of these dogs by taking care of them at our Rescue Center. Unfortunately, as costs increase, taking care of all of our rescues is becoming more and more difficult.

For these dogs we ask for support through remote adoption. With your help we can ensure that they have a great life!


If you are interested in becoming a remote owner, fill in the registration form below. We will contact you as soon as possible and discuss the following steps. Do you have further questions? Please contact us!


Adopting a dog from a distance is also fantastic to give as a gift!

Do you have a friend, family member or colleague who loves dogs but can’t adopt a dog?
Then give that person a unique gift, namely an adopted dog at a distance!
We will then send a certificate, photos and updates with an accompanying letter about the gift that you have donated in their name!

Which dogs can be adopted remotely?

All dogs that are on our site can be adopted remotely, but there is a chance that a dog will find its own forever home, because that remains the ultimate goal: to find a good home for all dogs. If the adoption becomes a fact, we will let you know and hope that you want to support a new dog, because all dogs desperately need your help.

What does remote adoption entail?

When you adopt a dog remotely, you contribute to the maintenance of this dog, such as (diet) food, veterinary costs, medication, worming etcetera. We will do our best to keep you informed about your dog and will send you new photos when they are taken. If changes occur in the dog’s life, you will be notified.

What does remote adoption cost?

You can decide yourself what amount you can miss to help a dog. Every little bit helps and we are happy with every donation!

If you decide to donate an amount of € 15.00 per month for at least 1 year, you can (also) adopt a dog remotely *. Your name will then be mentioned on the site along with a photo of the dog under the heading; adopted from a distance. You can transfer this amount yourself monthly, quarterly or annually.

You can also choose a dog with friends or colleagues or adopt a dog remotely at school or for your company as a charity.

* The costs for normal living are approximately € 45.00 per month. A dog can therefore be adopted by several people.