Adoption Procedure International

Adopting from Rescue Paws Curacao, how does that work?

In Curaçao there are many dogs waiting for their forever home. We think it’s great when people from around the world decide to adopt a dog from Curaçao. If you are interested in a dog, we ask you to complete the adoption form. In order to see if the dog fits your life and family situation, you must complete our questionnaire. After receiving this questionnaire, we will contact you. We will tell you as much as possible about the dog and answer your questions so that we can decide if there is a match between you and the dog you are interested in. If you are staying in Curaçao then you can of course come by for a real introduction.

Once we have worked out together which dog is the most suitable, the adoption will be confirmed by completing the adoption contract and paying the costs for adoption.

When the adoption is complete, we will work with you to find the best solution for taking your new dog home. There are many factors like location, dog size, temperatures, airline restrictions etc. that will decide how fast and how much it will cost to bring your new dog home. During the time that you wait for your dog you will be kept informed by us or a foster about the dog’s well being and his or her experiences.

If you decide to adopt a puppy, keep in mind that it can only fly from the age of 15 weeks (in connection with the compulsory rabies vaccination).

Adoption Cost

The costs for adoption of a puppy or an adult dog are € 450.00
This amount includes the costs for the required vaccinations until departure, the rabies vaccination, the chip, the official documents (including a health certificate), travel bench etc.

Transportation cost will be added depending on the mode of transportation and final destination. Please contact us for more information.

Fill in the adoption form here.

It is of course very tempting to immediately let the dog out of the kennel at the airport. We always recommend keeping the dog in the kennel until you are in a safe and quiet place. The crowds at the airport and the stress of the flight can cause the dog to panic and want to flee. We want to prevent this at all times.

  • – Collar or harness with strap.
  • – A bowl of water.
  • – Towel or blanket for the car.

After checking in at the airport, the dog goes to customs in the travel kennel. From that moment the dog is no longer allowed to leave the kennel and is placed in the hold during boarding. During the flight, the dog is not released from the travel kennel. You can therefore imagine that the dog will have to recover from this long journey. One dog has more problems with this than the other.

Sometimes, your connection with the dog does not go as expected. We recommend giving the dog time to adjust. At first, the change in scenery can really effect the dog’s personality and behavior. If it really doesn’t work out, contact us and we will try to find a good solution together.