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Skil & Louisa were spotted by a volunteer. They were chained in the yard and they looked very, very skinny.

The volunteer went to feed them a couple of times, and then decided to have a talk with the owners, together with Mirjan.

The owners were willing to let them take Skil and Louisa, and from there on the healing began.

They went to the vet, and settled in at the Rescue Center. Day by day they got healthier and got their strength back.

Louisa ended up being adopted by lovely people in the USA, and how great she is doing!

Skil got adopted by some nice Dutchies, and is now living in the Netherlands!

We got several calls about a dog near the VIP grill. The callers thought she might have a broken leg. A volunteer went to see if she could find her, and after 2 times she did! The paw wasn't broken, but it was completely infected. The volunteer took her to the vet and it ended up being more serious than we thought.

The infection turned out to be very severe. She kept touching and licking her paw, so it would only become worse and worse. The choices were: putting her to sleep or amputating her paw. The volunteer took her back to the place on the street where she was living. She talked to the guy who lived near the grill to discuss with him if he could take her in. If her paw would be amputated, she would need a home to recover. He told the volunteer that he couldn't provide the care she needed, even though he really loved her.

So the search continued. Eventually a sweet foster from the USA offered to help. But the issue of the payment remained. Amputating a leg costs a lot of money. Money which we can only spend once... One of the callers was very persistent and kept asking for updates of Sonrisa! He was on holiday on Curaçao, but lived in Mexico. He couldn't take care of her, but was willing to pay for all medical costs! So a plan was made to amputate her leg. The volunteer picked Sonrisa up and brought her to her foster home.

The amputation went well! Unfortunately, shortly after the amputation, the foster unexpectedly had to return to the USA.. Where did Sonrisa have to go? A friend of the foster ended up visiting Curaçao and fell in love with Sonrisa. She wanted to adopt her, but flying a grown up dog to the USA isn't easy. The foster found a way and flew via Colombia to the USA.

She is living her best life now in the USA and has no problems at all with having three paws!

JaneB was found my a volunteer at the industrial area Brievengat, she wasn't looking good. She was skinny, but loved attention. She was taken of the streets and taking into a home. Luckily there was a spot open at the Rescue Center and JaneB started recovering. A Center buddy of JaneB got adopted, and the sweet adopter offered to foster JaneB.

While JaneB recovered, it became clear she still had some unresolved issues. With intensive training the foster and another volunteer worked on JaneB's behaviour. JaneB gained convidence and her behavior got so much better. Not much later she got adopted on the island and is now living her best life at her forever home with 2 dog friends!

Mali was found by our sweet volunteer Wendy and her boyfriend. Mali was shy, very thin and about two years old. She was dumped like some sort of garbage near a restaurant in Sint Michiel. She was looking for food. Volunteers tried to feed her, but this was nearly impossible due to the issue that other dogs in the neighborhood kept attacking her. That’s why Wendy and Kris decided to take Mali in. The fostering process wasn’t easy. Mali had no faith in humans. Probably she had been beaten and abused. Her tail had been broken. With a lot of patience and care she was caught.

Mali is one of the larger ladies and she should have weight around 23 kilos, but she was only 18 kilos. At the home of the foster, Mali was frightened. She was too scared to even enter the house of the foster. Mali only stayed in the garden and hid/took shelter under some plants. When she finally felt comfortable to come into the house, she was still too scared to even lay on a pillow or blanket. She clearly wasn’t used to any kind of comfort.

Now Mali is a real family dog. Her favorite place in on the couch or in her soft crate.

Strange dogs were still exciting for Mali. After being attacked by dogs on the street it’s only logical that strange dogs are a bit scary. Her foster on Curaçao had two other dogs. So sweet Mali had some dogs to play with at home, the three musketeers so spend some time at a doggy day care. So Mali got used to unfamiliar dogs and started playing with them again.

Now she has been adopted and lives in Utrecht and she is very happy.

I was found at the supermarket Esperamos. Skinny to the bone. I clearly needed medical care, food and love.

Joy is a very happy dog. She loves cuddles and attention. She is super sweet and easy going. She doesn’t mind when you look at her teeth or trim her nails, she has complete trust in you.

However, she is very focussed on food, which is not strange given how extremely thin she was. Furthermore she is smart, loves car rides and likes to walk on the leash. She likes other dogs, but is also perfectly happy by herself. She doesn’t get bored being by herself.

She has quite some hunting insticts. So it is more difficult to find a suitable place where she can go off the leash.

Joy is a really active dog. An agility course would probably be a good thing for her so she can loose her energy and be mentally challenged.

Radha her eye had to be removed. Her adopters say the following about her: ‘She is doing very well. She is still growing a lot! She is really naughty, like a puppy should be. She also really likes to cuddle. We are still very happy we adopted her.”

Meet Lois and Lane. Dumped at Playa Kanoa, covered in scabies. Luckily they were found by volunteer and treated for their highly contagious scabies. After a couple of weeks their skin was completely healed again. 

They are now truly loved in their forever home and living their best life on Curaçao.

Putti, now called Fien, had fallen in a well of 30 metres deep.

Volunteer Alexandra saw the post of Niels about a dog who had fallen into a well, and she, together with the firefighters, got Putti out of there. Alexandra went down to get Putti herself, she is a true hero. Putti recovered quickly and is now living in the Netherlands with a loving family.

Meet Smiley, dumped behind a cemetery.

Covered in ticks and flees, completely starving. Luckily volunteer Alexandra found Smiley. Smiley jumped in her car right away, it was like he knew it was all going to be allright from now on. Smiley recovered quickly. A dutch couple, living in Sweden, came to Curacao for their honeymoon and they fell in love with Smiley. The rest is history. Smiley is now living the good life in Sweden with his loving family.

Meet Noah. Noah was found in a secluded area lying next to his dead sister. We thought that he had passed too, until we saw that he was still breathing…
Already cold to the touch, we rushed him to the vet where he was put on an IV. He had a very low heart rate and his intestines were giving up. His stool was black and consisted of leaves and dirt.

His rescuers took him home and needed to force feed him every hour. We weren’t sure if he would make it through the first night, but he did! After a week of going back and forth to the vet to be put on an IV, Noah finally started to pick up. From not being able to get up at all, Noah started to sit, then stand and 2 weeks after his rescue and falling down countless times, he finally started to walk again!

His absolute favorite toy was Igor, the donkey from Winnie the Pooh, which also became his comfort. Noah’s rescuer was pregnant when she rescued him and formed a very unique and special bond with him, being by his side together with her husband 24/7, helping him recover and boy did he RECOVER! Noah stayed with his foster family and now has 12 rescue buddies, a huge garden to play and a comfy bed to sleep in. He also became a big brother when his family welcomed their first son into the world.

Noah’s story even made it to the local newspapers! Noah is one crazy happy dog that is no doubt enjoying the good life here in Curaçao!

Meet Dribbeltje. This poor sweetheart was dumped near Playa Kanoa and was rescued by our local hero and fisherman, Mr. Kip. He rescues every dumped dog that he possibly can as the chance of them being shot by the goatherds in the area is big.

Everywhere we take Jax, people kept calling him Scooby-Doo! Can you see the resemblance? Jax was found very sick and skinny at a snack-bar in Curaçao. He spent almost a week on an IV struggling to stay alive and just look at him now!

He’s quite big for the average Westpointer and is such a sweet boy! He loves kids, other dogs, playing catch, swimming, going for walks or just chilling on the couch.

Dear Nochi was found on the beach with severe scabies, her skin was open and she had so many bloody wounds. Puppy-scabies (demodex) is easily treatable with the right medicine.

The only shade on the beach she was found on was from a cactus, the ‘dama di anochi’, that’s why she is called Nochi.

The treatment worked and soon Nochi became a beautiful dog again. She is very sweet and very affectionate.

She now lives in the Netherlands, with Gerdien. Gerdien is also a rescue dog from RPC, she was left at the vet during a steralisation action and her owner never picked her up.

Gelukkig heeft de behandeling geholpen en al snel zag Nochi er weer prachtig uit en bleek ze een ontzettende lieve knuffelkont te zijn. Ze is echt opgefleurd. Inmiddels woont Nochi al weer enkele jaren een heel gelukkig leventje bij haar adoptiegezin in het zuiden van Nederland.
Sinds een paar jaar woont ook “onze” Gerdien bij Nochi. Deze lieverd werd tijdens een sterilisatie actie door haar baasjes achtergelaten bij de dierenarts.

Introducing Ms. Black Friday. She was weak, scared and covered in mange. We spent almost two hours looking for her, she was very good at hiding herself.

Once we had her, brought her home and gave her a good meal, she was sooo thankful!! She completely gave in and was such a happy dog! Look at her now, all of her fur has grown back in all different colors, so unique and beautiful! So you see, it’s amazing what a little TLC can do!