The Bordeaux Dogs

When our dear friend Anton passed away we decided to give a home to his 5 bordeaux dogs. With the help of friends, family and other good hearted people we were able to make them their own space.

Anton regularly visited a Snèk with the limo and the Bordeauxdogs. They would always get a nice frikadel (Dutch snack). To this day people regularly bring us a frikadel. And through a sweet Remote Pet Owner we regularly get something tasty, of course frikadels are among them.

A little bit more about these 5 gentle giants:


Gío is the most impressive of the bunch. He resembles a lion, the only thing missing is the long hair. He can also roar like a lion. A lion from the outside but a softy on the inside. He loves a firm hug. He has a strong body and a beautiful dark color. Unfortunately, he does have a major heart problem: his valves do not function properly, so his heart has to pump very hard to keep the blood flowing around in his body. As a result, he cannot go under anesthesia so it is not possible to remove the wart near his eyes. We hope he stays with us for a long time, despite the poor prognosis.

– Unfortunately Gio has been put to sleep on the 21st of December 2023 due to his poor health conditions. 






Angel is the daughter of Ginger and Gío. Ginger used to be with Hooch and did not get pregnant at that time. Anton assumed there was something wrong with Ginger. The problem of course is never with the male ;). When Hooch died of old age Gío came from the Netherlands. Soon Ginger got pregnant. Unfortunately only 2 puppies made it: Angel and Diablo.
Angel used to dislike people, especially Mirjan because she took her to the vet. But now…Ginger is the first to come for a big hug. She is so happy and a really huge cutie! She is quite big for a female.

Remote owner: Barbara Jodts


Diablo was suddenly no longer accepted by daddy Gío. That is why we decided to re-home him. He now lives a great life in Belgium.