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The origins of RPC

After providing limited shelter services to a small number of dogs for a long time, we knew we wanted to do more. Although we wanted to keep providing care in a central location, we also realized that we had to go beyond the traditional shelter model in order to relieve the suffering of a greater number of dogs in Curacao.

In October of 2014, we came up with the idea to continue as a foundation while expanding our shelter and outreach operations. We believed that we should begin to consider the island’s dog situation from a broader perspective and do more for them. A board of directors was formed, and a name chosen. In this way the Rescue Paws Curacao Foundation became a reality.

The focus shifted to helping dogs in multiple areas.
– Sterilization.
– Reception and adoption.
– Help on location.
– Information provision and education.

At that point, our group began helping dogs in new ways. We went beyond just caring for, housing and feeding dogs in a shelter setting to establishing RPC as a community resource. We wanted name recognition among the people of Curacao. We became focused on establishing connections within the local population, which often deals with dogs differently than we do, and may hold different views about animal care. By offering advice and assistance to residents, the living conditions of an animal can often be addressed without removing it from its location.

Here on the island, there is often a widespread lack of knowledge about the benefits of dog sterilization, flea and tick control, and adequate and humane shelter, food and water provision. We partner with the people of Curacao by addressing these basic issues, providing community education on a person-to-person basis.

Experience has shown us that our help is greatly appreciated by the local population. We intend to continue to improve the living conditions of dogs as effectively as we can, without judgment.

Unfortunately, of course, dogs are sometimes given up. In such cases we attempt to mediate. One of our rules is that if we step in to care for puppies, the mother dog must be spayed.

Since October 2018 we are extremely happy with our shelter location for around 80 dogs. The shelter location consists of large runs where dogs can move freely. An adolescent run, and a run for adult animals. In addition, separate places have been created for puppies and dogs that require extra care. This can be both medical and social. The center is a place where initial care is offered.

Once the canine has been deemed healthy and is ready for adoption we place them in  foster homes. Fosters are temporary dog owners who open their homes and hearts free of charge, accepting one or more dogs at a time. We’ve found that fostering is a wonderful means of restoring dogs to their best physical and emotional selves. Once a dog begins receiving love, attention, care and good nutrition, he or she recovers quickly and regains a zest for life. We try to arrange for dogs to go from their foster placement, which can be located on the island or elsewhere, to a forever home. Many dogs have already been successfully placed in Curacao, the Netherlands and many other places all over the world!

We can now say that Rescue Paws has been able to make a positive difference in the lives of more than 1,000 dogs! And we remain committed to working on their behalf here in Curacao and, through fostering and adopting, around the world. There is no limit for us — as long as our help is needed here, we are willing to offer it.

On behalf of the board of Rescue Paws Curacao



RPC stands for reducing animal suffering on Curaçao and giving animals a deserved second chance at a good life.



Provide education and assistance with sterilization, advice on ticks and flea control and explanation about housing and diseases.



Since 2014 we have been able to sterilize more than 1000 dogs and have found a new ``forever home`` for more than 2000 dogs.

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