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On this page adopters share their story.

Are you interested in adopting a Rescue dog?Please read the following experiences from people who have already adopted a dog through RPC. This will help you get a realistic idea about adopting a Rescue dog from Curaçao.


The first few days with Rox (Unice)

We were so excited to finally welcome Rox into our home. Beforehand we got regular updates about Rox and we got information on how to prepare for the big arrival.

Because of all the information provided to us beforehand, we could make arrangements at home and prepare properly. We have two small kids and another dog; so some ground rules had to be set. We already set up the bench for Rox so the kids and the dog were able to get used to it. We started teaching them that it was a “safe zone” for Rox and the bench was not a toy or playground. Creating a safe space for Rox where she wouldn’t be disturbed by kids or the other dog was a very important preparation.

Furthermore, work schedules were changed so Rox wouldn’t be alone and we got an anti-escape harness. I would recommend this; it is great for Rescue dogs!

On the 19th of January we finally welcomed Rox in our home. After the long journey from Curaçao, Rox was exhausted and she slept under her blanket in the car on the way home from Schiphol. Besides a blanket we also brought snacks, baby wipes, water, leashes and a harness to Schiphol.

When we arrived at home, she immediately went on her exploring expedition through the living room. So many new impressions, sounds and smells. She fell a sleep soon afterwards, she was exhausted. At the end of the day she met our children for the first time and that was love at first sight.

The days and weeks following were all about resting, resting and resting. Rox slept in our bedroom in the travel bench. After three weeks she slept in the bench in the living room. We had been bench training with Rox, so this transition from sleeping in the bench in the bedroom to the other bench in the living room went smoothly. She was familiar with the bench and slept without any issues in the living room after three weeks of sleeping in the bedroom.

Besides getting Rox the rest she needed, our main priorities were getting closer to Rox, making her feel at home and getting her potty trained. We used puppy pads to get her potty trained and she was a big fan of doing her business in the backyard.

We took short walks with her of a maximum of 5 minutes per walk. We made sure to walk with her in areas without any traffic, but even in areas without any traffic she wouldn’t do her business. The first couple of weeks she only peed and pooped in the yard. Now, after three months, she also has some spots during our walks where she feels comfortable to lay her peepee’s and poopoo’s. She loves to walk the familiar blocks. Unfamiliar places with a lot of traffic are still a bit overwhelming.

We are extremely happy with our choice to adopt a Rescue dog and especially with our sweet Rox. In case you are interested in adopting a Rescue dog, please note it takes a lot of time and patience. You really need to invest in the dog and give the dog time to settle and take it slow. Make sure you have your priorities straight and follow the pace of the dog. If your Rescue dog is scared, doesn’t like busy places or is afraid for other dogs, you cannot take the dog to a dog-pension when you’re going on holiday. A Rescue dog needs a different approach than a regular pup.

Oh, in regards to the love at first sight of the three musketeers, it is still there. Even after some struggles with puppy teeth. 🐶♥️


17 December 2022, the day finally arrived. Small Joep made the long journey from Curaçao to the Netherlands. A couple of months later, Joep is a sweet, big teenager and we are madly in love with him!

A difficult start
The transition from the life on Curaçao to the life in the Netherlands had, and still has, its challenges. With a lot of guidance and advice from the Rescue Center we tried to welcome Joep as best as we could. “Take it slow” was a large part of the advice. “He really needs to get used to everything, this takes time”. So we took it slow, but it was easier said than done.
Coming home
When Joep finally got home, he felt right at home. He loved being cuddled, he was calm and slept well. The only challenge was that Joep didn’t want to walk any further than our own street. It is very important to pay close attention to your dog and see what he is struggling with. Joep was found, with his mother and siblings, near the airport. We think he associates loud noises and traffic with that horrible time in his life. He loves the beach and the forest. He doesn’t run there, he practically flies, that’s how fast he goes on the beach. When it comes to walking inside our neighborhood, we take it very slow. Each week we go a tiny bit further. This is going great and this way it is really working for us.

Adopting a dog isn’t for a while, it is for life. Beforehand you don’t know how big they are going to be, if he has any fears or how his personality is. So reality could turn out a bit different than you anticipated.

The experiences and information provided by the Rescue Center are very important. Please don’t underestimate the impact the journey and the change from Curaçao to the Netherlands has on the dog. We are very grateful for all the help and very happy with our sweet teenager Joep. Keep up the good work!


Welcoming of Excel

Sometimes waiting can take forever. The waiting seemed to last forever, especially because the adoption of Excel was delayed a bit due to a tick disease he had. He first needed to recover and get healthy.

Finally the big day we had been waiting for had arrived; The 29th of November 2022.

The journey was long and Schiphol also took their time. Once we finally got to the parking lot, Excel didn’t feel like getting into the car. He was very frightened. When we finally got him in the car he luckily fell asleep. At home he was very scared and overwhelmed. When the kids came home from school that day he started barking at them. Later that day we had to put him in his bench just to make sure he got some rest. He wouldn’t go to sleep on his own and wouldn’t rest. It seemed he couldn’t find the “off button” by himself and he needed a helping hand to be able to get some sleep.

Walking outside wasn’t an option in the beginning. He did all his “business” in the yard. 

After three days in the Netherlands, his new owner was able to put on his harness. Also we started walking small blocks in the neighborhood, but he only did his “business” in the garden. This was a safe space without any traffic and other distractions.

In the first three weeks Excel really bonded with his female owner. But he wasn’t a big fan of his male owner. Excel showed some unpleasant behaviors towards me. We weren’t sure what to do so we asked volunteer Wendy. That’s how we got in touch with Esther. She is a behavioral expert and has experience with dogs from Curaçao.

After 1 session with Esther the situation at home with Excel already improved. She gave us some excellent tips and pointers. In short the issue was that we had too high and too many expectations of Excel and we were too uncertain and insecure with him. 

Now, after six months, we are extremely happy with Excel. We cannot imagine a life without him. He is so sweet. In the evenings he lays between the kids on the couch. When they go to bed, he lays between us on the couch. He is a real family dog. 

During our walks, people are sometimes still a bit scary and exciting. Over time this has improved a lot and he is still learning and improving.

Furthermore, Excel LOVES other dogs. He wants to play with all dogs. He has a lot of energy so playing and running around is a great way for him to loose his energy. 

We are very thankful for Rescue Paws Curaçao. They really guided us through the proces and helped us when we were facing issues with Excel. 

Also we are very thankful for his foster on Curaçao; Judy. We keep in touch and we send her regular updates and pictures.

Izzy (Agnes)

7th of May 2021- finally the day came, the flight to your forever home in the Netherlands✈️
Beforehand we knew you were scared about a lot of things and that it would take some time for you to feel at home.

When I saw you in your traveling crate, so small and scared in the corner, it broke my heart. I lifted you up from the traveling crate, into my arms and carried you to the car. In the car you laid in the corner, completely overwhelmed. I sang to you (probably very out of tune, sorry for that), so you would get used to my voice and would feel at home faster.

When we got home, we introduced you to your safe space, your crate. You still love to sleep, snack and rest in your crate. It took half a day before you felt brave enough to walk through the living room. Taking small steps each day, you were gaining more confidence in your forever home. The first few nights I slept downstairs, with you, on the couch. Everytime you lost me from your sight you started crying. Sweet baby girl.. So tiny.. I often wondered what you had been through, those first 9 weeks before you were found.. All alone, without your mama. The first few days you slept in my arms on the couch. Later on you slept in your crate in the bedroom, untill you were ready to be ‘alone’. What a great victory that was.

Despite the victory of you gaining confidence and being able to sleep alone, there were also some very tough times. After having you at home for a month, you slipped through the front door. We spend 6 hours looking for you, I thought we would never see you again. Those 6 hours were very scary and very emotional. On hindside, you were never far. You were just watching us from the high grass across the street. There I sat, crying on the biking lane, begging you to come home. I was so scared something would happen to you. But there you were, peeking through the tall grass when you heard my voice. You allowed me to come and get you, and we cuddled all night. After that horendous day we made sure to be extra careful.

On the puppy training they told us: this dog will never be able to walk off leash and look where we are now! You are walking off leash, enjoying the free walking areas. We are still very careful, because crowded places with a lot of loud, unfamiliar noises still scare you. Also new people are still exciting. But we keep on growing every day!

We are so extremely proud of our gorgeous (inside and out) westpointer. She has been in the Netherlands for 2 years and is doing so well! To celebrate Izzy’s second year with us, we got some new toys. All ‘Curacao’ themed ofcourse. The life with a westpointer isn’t all fun and games, but it’s totally worth it. We love you so much sweet Izzy! We cannot imagine life without you ❤️❤️

Thanks to RPC for taking such good care of our Izzy and making sure these dogs get a chance at a good life. To all adopters: thank you for providing a loving home to these unique dogs.